"This is only an indication of what each one of these writers are capable of achieving. "

- Anita Nair


From eunuch midwives assisting in a delivery on a running train; to the tale of a bicycle;to the adventure of a mother keeping up with her sports-enthusiast daughters; to an account of destiny at the bottom of the sea; to inexplicably washed dishes, these twenty two short stories, compiled and edited by Anita Nair, will offer you a panoply of writing styles and distinct voices.

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The Designer:

Based in Bangalore, FTW is a design studio of young vibrant professionals who seek to raise the bar of accepted norms of creativity.

The Cover Design:

Drawing on the key elements of the 22 stories in the anthology, FTW created a surrealistic composition with visual elements of voice and art to get a feel of fact and fantasy, and also to create the feeling of stumbling up on hidden surprises while in an attic.

There is more. Semilla besada – I first read about this in a Barbara Kingsolver novel. In some orchards, one can see a tree that abounds with fruit. All around are trees that remain indifferent to the season or the farmer's plea. It is as if this tree alone has found some secret fountain of vigour to sink its roots into. The Spanish have a name for it semilla besada the seed that got kissed.

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Anita’s Attic

Anita's Attic is a joint venture between Anita Nair, author, and *conditionsapply, a digital agency in Bangalore. It is a comprehensive writing and mentorship program curated & conducted by Anita Nair. Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Mentorship program is aimed at identifying, nurturing and empowering literary talent across multiple genres of writing.

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  1. Nithin

    goood book for all

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