About Attic Books

Readers and writers everywhere have a dream – a room full of books.
And yet, as we buy books, we also discover that the books we acquire may not be the ones we really wish to keep. Somewhere between the buying and reading experience is a nugget of discomfort. Are these the books that we will truly treasure? What are the books that we go back to again? What are the books we see as a friend from whom we cannot be parted for long? What are the books we hope to bequeath?

In many ways this was what led to Attic Books.
Out there in the world, there are countless beautiful books being written and published. However because they are not celebrated enough by mainstream media, or do not make it to prize shortlists in the English language or because the writer isn’t a literary superstar, these books fail to reach the Indian reader.

At Attic Books, a publishing start up, this is what we seek to do:

  • Choose a selection of titles from across the world that represent fine writing and are on themes that are both scintillating as well as important.
  • Create and nurture a community of book lovers through online and offline events.
  • Online and offline distribution models that encourage and facilitate an affordable book buying habit.

And we do it all for the love of books.